Exclusive Library Release in May 13th  via HooplaDigital

What’s an Exclusive Library Release?

This is a disruption to what people think they know about how music is distributed and the notion that there is nothing new. As we’re taking music (for the first time) exclusively to you local library. Sure it’s been said that distribution is old and boring and so are libraries. As you can see nothing could be further from the truth.

Since there has never been a musical release that first came out in a libraries — this is uncharted waters and no one knows what is going to happen.

However we’re thankful to the Phillip Carter for giving us the trust to do this whole project. As it will be both there in digital and physical formats (again before it’s in stores or on iTunes ) and it will be for free — this too is new areas for everyone involved fingers are crossed and away we go.

BTW… Bet you never thought you hear this — “Want to hear the newest music release you have to visit your local library first”.

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