Exclusive Library Release in May 13th  via HooplaDigital


Since this is the first of it’s kind we know there are going to be many questions so please check out some of the questions and answers we’ve already been addressing and some that many come up in the future.

1. How can we get this release?.
Ans: This record is only available in public libraries both digital” and physically.

2. How long will it be exclusive to libraries?
Ans: It will exclusively remain in libraries until Spring of 2015 when it will be made to the commercial music market.

3. Who is behind this release?
Ans: The general idea came up during a discussion at Altavoz about how they could do more to support our new partners the public libraries.

3. How can I get involved in helping out?
Ans: Exclusive Library Release needs advocates, fans and supporters and we’ll post more shortly on how you can help in each of these areas. Also follow us on Twitter

Do you have a question please let us know questions @ exclusivelibraryrelease.com

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