Exclusive Library Release in May 13th  via HooplaDigital


Exclusive Library Release, ELR, is the first release of a musical recording exclusively via the Public Library system. Instead of getting it first online or at a store people will have to visit their local library to hear this new music from world renowned musician gospel Musician Phillip Carter.

This is really taking Keith Richards “The public library is the great equalizer” idea and going the next step. By rewarding the library with exclusive content and library users and music fans the chance for hear new music for free.

This Altavoz Entmt release from SOV Records “The Songs of Phillip Carter” is being made digitally available via hoopla digital and physically from Midwest Tape. Since this is a first of it’s kind project we’ve teamed up with new crowd funding and micropayment solution provider TBA to enable the fans of this project to help out.

We’ve been asked how people can help to raise awareness, besides, face bookings, Google Plussing, Pinning and Tweeting. A big help would be to ask you local library if they are planning on carrying this Exclusive Library release. If they don’t know about it let us know with a tweet to @exclusivlibrary or post on any social media with the hashtag #elr2014. If you’re a library please visit the order page


Nelson Jacobsen, CEO
Altavoz Entmt,

Again, the only way to hear this amazing release from Phillip Carter is to visit you local public library. Since this is the first time an Exclusive Library Release has been offered it’s exciting to see this project grow and filling come to your local library.


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